Prepare your footsteps because we will fly to the wall of china. A game developed by novomatic. This time novomatic invites us to go to China to meet the emperor. The emperor’s china cash connection game is a type of game that gives a lot of fun by giving a lot of game wins.

At the emperor’s china cash connection, we will be invited to meet the emperor. The appearance of the emperor who looks dashing with bright costume colors gives the impression of being strong and authoritative. Strong leadership so that many peaceful and prosperous people are under the leadership of the emperor. Emperor’s chine cash connection game has 5 reels and 3 rows.

no need to hesitate and win

Biodbs – To be able to win the game, gamers must have several ways, that way can be in 50 ways. These 50 ways can be used to get some bonuses and winning values. The value of the game bet starts at 0.50 coins spin. Cash connection emperor’s chine is a type of game that gives a lot of win value and also gives game bonuses.

For gamers who have joined, of course, they are no longer confused in playing the cash connection emperor’s chine game, in contrast to new players who are still confused and afraid of being wrong about losing the game. For new players, there is no need to worry because on our site we will provide several reviews about the emperor’s chine game.

bonus game
great victory the presence of the emperor // bonus game

ready balance and get the win

The first thing you need is to prepare your account balance because who knows you will use that balance to place bets on the game. Enter the game cash connection emperor’s chine where gamers will find several boxes and various writings. At the bottom of the screen you will get start, auto, line bet, credit, I, and audio image.

No need to be nervous, just relax when you start playing the game. Because when you start, the nervousness will disappear and turn into a feeling of tension with a rush of adrenaline. Gamers can also press game info, an info that can give gamers a chance to win. By pressing info gamers can see some of the symbol values ​​and symbol benefits.

few steps in game play

There will be many signs that you can find as well as game bonuses that can be obtained in the cash connection emperor’s chine game. During the game rotation, you certainly feel the game rotation is slow and there are many stages to be able to win the game. Press the automatic button then the game will play by itself. With the automatic button you just have to wait for the results of the game rotation. No need to press the button, you can get the winning value. Some of the symbols that can be seen in the game: yin and yan boards [black and white], turtles, dragons, dragon boats, fish, emperor photos, coins, remy cards [Aces up to 10].

Also get 3 bonus jackpot games in the cash connection emperor’s chine. The names of the jackpots that can be found are mini, minor, and major. When you get the 4 bonus game logos, there will be photos of the emperor that have filled the screen. The photo will turn into a big photo and gamers will get the win.

The bonus logo in the game is yin and yan in black and white. The presence of a spin key can be obtained when 5 emperors are present with full images. While still in the process of locking spin all symbols will stop, and will only spin coins and game jackpots. 6 coins can get 3 free spins and if you get 1 more coin then the spin lock will be lost and the number of symbols will return to normal.