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Variation HGVbase - Human Genome Variation Database http://hgvbase.cgb.ki.se/
Ideographic Variation Database http://unicode.org/reports/tr37/
Chicken Variation Database http://chicken.genomics.org.cn/
Human Genome Structural Variation Project http://humanparalogy.gs.washington.edu/structuralvariation/
RetinoschisisDB (X-linked Retinoschisis sequence variation database) http://www.dmd.nl/rs/
RettBASE: IRSA MECP2 Variation Database http://mecp2.chw.edu.au/
LOVD stands for Leiden Open (source) Variation Database (To provide a flexible, freely available tool for Gene-centered collection and display of DNA variations) http://www.lovd.nl/2.0/
The Chinese Gene Variation Database (CGVdb) is established to collect genetic mutations and other variations information in the Chinese population for clinical application and medical genetic research. http://www.cgvdb.org.tw/
GENEVAR - GENe Expression VARiation http://www.sanger.ac.uk/humgen/genevar/
Vector VectorDB contains annotations and sequence information for many vectors commonly used in molecular biology. Information for more than 2600 vectors is available with search facilities. http://seq.yeastgenome.org/vectordb/
Forsburg Lab pombe pages (Index of fission yeast vectors) http://www-rcf.usc.edu/~forsburg/vectors.html
The UniVec Database (UniVec is a database that can be used to quickly identify segments within nucleic acid sequences which may be of vector origin (vector contamination)) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/VecScreen/UniVec.html
Drosophila Subset of Vector DB & FlyBase Vectors http://seq.yeastgenome.org/vectordb/vector_pages/Dros_vectors.html
Vertebrate BodyMap-Xs: A database for cross-species comparison of vertebrate gene expression
Vegetable Vegetable Variety Database http://www.tradewindsfruit.com/vegetable_database.htm
Virus Virus databases online http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ICTVdb/
DPVweb: Viruses of plants, fungi and protozoa http://www.dpvweb.net/
Virus Database at University College London http://www.biochem.ucl.ac.uk/bsm/virus_database/VIDA.html
Hepatitis Virus DataBase Server http://s2as02.genes.nig.ac.jp/
HCV(European Hepatitis C Virus database)  polyprotein http://euhcvdb.ibcp.fr/euHCVdb/
The Recombinant Virus Database (RVD) is a database of DNA clones, recombinant retroviruses and recombinant adenoviruses http://www.brc.riken.jp/lab/dna/rvd/
Influenza Virus Database (IVDB) http://influenza.genomics.org.cn/
Plant Viruses Online http://image.fs.uidaho.edu/vide/
The SIFV (Sulfolobus islandicus filamentous virus) Genome Database http://www.tigr.org/tdb/CMR/gav/htmls/SplashPage.html
IHN fish virus database http://gis.nacse.org/ihnv/
The anti-viral database is the ultimate ressource on antiviral drug and vaccines http://www.antiviralintelistrat.com/1/Database
Viral Insect Diseases Database (VIDIL) http://insectweb.inhs.uiuc.edu/Pathogens/VIDIL/index.html
Viral RNA Structure Database. http://rna.tbi.univie.ac.at/cgi-bin/virusdb.cgi
Virus Genus and Specific Probe Database http://genestamp.ibms.sinica.edu.tw/virus/index.html
VIPERdb (Viral Practicle Explorer) http://viperdb.scripps.edu/
ICTVdB (International Committee on Taxonomy of Virus) http://www.ictvdb.rothamsted.ac.uk/welcome.htm



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