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Lactococcus lactis DynaProt: Proteome database of Lactococcus lactis http://www.wzw.tum.de/proteomik/lactis/
Lactose Lactose.com ::: The knowledge database about lactose http://www.lactose.com/
Lambda Database of oligomerization domains from lambda experiments http://dimmer.tamu.edu/doodle/version.php
Lepidoptera ButterflyBase: Genomics of butterflies (Lepidoptera) http://www.butterflybase.org/
Lexicon Open Internet Lexicon http://www.openinternetlexicon.com/technology/database.html
On-line Lexicon Databases http://www.ims.uni-stuttgart.de/projekte/verbmobil/vitADTX/node13.html
Ligand Ligand-Protein Binding http://www.bindingmoad.org/
Binding Database (Protein) http://www.bindingdb.org/
SitesBase is a database of known ligand binding sites within the PDB http://www.modelling.leeds.ac.uk/sb/
A Structural Database of Aligned Ligand Binding Sites http://alto.compbio.ucsf.edu/ligbase/
Computed Ligand Binding Energy http://xin.cz3.nus.edu.sg/group/clibe/clibe.asp
Ki Value Database, Binding Assay http://pdsp.med.unc.edu/pdsp.php
Ligand Binding Databases http://sgedg.weizmann.ac.il/ferafael/ligdb.html
A searchable database for comparing protein-ligand binding sites for the discovery of structure function relationships http://www.iscb.org/ismb2004/posters/n.d.goldATleeds.ac.uk_159.html
PDB-Ligand Database http://www.idrtech.com/PDB-Ligand/
Protein Ligand Database (v1.3) http://www-mitchell.ch.cam.ac.uk/pld/
Receptor Ligand Contacts http://relic.bio.anl.gov/
LigProf: A simple tool for in silico prediction of ligand-binding sites. http://www.cropnet.pl/ligprof
KEGG LIGAND Database http://www.genome.jp/ligand/
GLIDA : GPCR-Ligand Database (The superfamily of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs)) http://pharminfo.pharm.kyoto-u.ac.jp/services/glida/
HLA Ligand Database http://hlaligand.ouhsc.edu/
Polypeptitide Ligand Database http://hormone.stanford.edu/
Relibase: A program for searching protein-ligand databases http://relibase.ebi.ac.uk/
Ligand Database http://iwrwww1.fzk.de/biostruct/RLD/screen4/lscreennode6.html
LIGAND (Database for enzymes, compounds, and reactions) http://e-university.no-ip.com/dbget/ligand.html
SCANPS (Scan Protein Sequence) is a program for comparing a protein sequence to a database of protein sequences. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/scanps/
Affinity data for protein-ligand complexes http://www.agklebe.de/affinity
Binding MOAD- Binding Mother of All Databases: a database of protein-ligand crystal structures http://www.bindingmoad.org/
BindingDB-Binding affinities of protein-ligand and other complexes
Liver proteome dbLEP: Liver proteome expression profiles http://dblep.hupo.org.cn/
Lymphoproliferative ALPSbase- Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome database
Loop Loop Database http://www.idrtech.com/~dhcho/index.html



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DBD: Database of Biological Database team are R.R. Siva Kiran, MVN Setty, Department of Biotechnology, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, MSR Nagar, Bangalore, India and G. Hanumantha Rao, Center for Biotechnology, Department of Chemical Engineering, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam-530003, India. DBD consists of 1200 Database entries covering wide range of databases useful for biological researchers.

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